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Athleivate 4-Layer Face Mask

Athleivate 4-Layer Face Mask

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Size - Unisex, Color
Fabric Blend
Care Instructions

Product Description

  • 4-layered protection
  • Stylish gaiter overlay
  • Perfect for ski and snowboarding
  • Antimicrobial
  • Prevents lens fogging
  • Charcoal bamboo filter
  • Adjustable ear loops
  • Ultra breathable
  • Moisture wicking

Made and Designed in the USA our face mask is designed to fashionably maximize both comfort and protection.

Fabric Blend

Each layer curated for protection and comfort in mind.Inner Layer

  • 100% Charcoal Mesh Bamboo: Soft, Breathable, Moisture-Wicking, Antimicrobial Outer Face Mask Layer
  • 100% Micro-Modal: Protection, Softness, Moisture-Wicking Gaiter Overlay
  • 100% Micro-Modal: UV Blocker, Protection, Softness, Moisture-Wicking

Filter Pocket Includes 1 Athleivate 5 Layer Carbon Air Filter

Care Instructions

Machine Washable, Cold Water & Tumble Dry. Do not iron. Do not bleach. Do not dry clean.

Air dry recommended to hold shape of mask for longest possible period of time.

Please remove air filter in pocket before washing.

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Breathe Easy.  The Perfect Mask is Here.

We’re so proud to have created the most protective and versatile face mask on the market.  Our 4-layer mask is not only stylish, it’s designed for all-day protection, breathability, warmth and all-day comfort. 

The breakthrough micro-modal mask exterior and ultra soft gaiter overlay provides additional protection and sublime warmth as you go about your day.  Super soft on sensitive skin, Our mask comes in beautiful, easily coordinated colors so you can face each day with confidence.

Advanced4-Layer Protection

The CDC recommends that masks have two or more layers of comfortable, breathable fabric that completely cover your nose and mouth, and fit snugly against your face.  At Athleivate, we’ve taken their advice one step further.  For your ultimate peace of mind, we’ve designed out mask with no less than 4 layers of superior protection, including a charcoal mesh bamboo, air filter pocket, micro-modal layer and stylish gaiter overlay.  While our masks are not a medical product or certified by the FDA,  the 4 breathable layers will help to provide additional protection from particulates for the wearer.

 Antimicrobial Outer Layer

Combining superior design and science-based technology, the Athleivate reusable mask delivers unique protection from viruses, germs and other pathogens with its science-based antimicrobial exterior.

Supports Your Active Lifestyle.

Our multilayered mask is uniquely engineered to keep the heat during all your favorite winter activities.  The mask will keep your face and neck warm while hiking, snowboarding, skiing, snowshoeing, skating or when you’re simply enjoying the great outdoors. The best part? The temperature regulating fabric ensures the mask is comfortable enough to wear all-year round.

We’ve Built Science into Our Fabric

Backed by scientific research, our teams working in Los Angeles and Denver designed the innovative Athleivate mask for superior comfort, protection and durability.  An amazingly soft cooling mesh with antimicrobial properties provides breathability, while the outer fabrics provide warmth and easy dissipation of air throughout your face and neck.  It also features a built-in layer of SPF protection.  We’ve used breakthrough temperature
regulating fabric that wicks away moisture so you never feels hot or sweaty.

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