Right-Fit Men's Ultra-Light Dual Spandex Short


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Product Summary

  • Stretches for ease of movement
  • 6 beautiful colors
  • Ultra-comfort
  • Sweat-wicking

Fabric Blend

Our fabric is a blend of 90% Polyester and 10% Lycra for moisture-wicking, breathability, and elasticity for form-fitting.

Care Instructions

Machine wash in cold water with like colors. Air dry preferred, tumble on low temperature acceptable.

Why air dry preferred?

Using any amount of heat to dry leggings can cause the fabric to shrink unevenly. Air drying ensures consistent drying while also being a no heat method. Tumble dry on low temperature helps prevent uneven shrinking, but does not guarantee that the leggings retain their original shape.

Do not iron. Do not bleach. Do not dry clean.

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Gear that moves with you.
With our Ultra-Light Dual Spandex Shorts, you'll feel like your clothes play on your team. Elastic & Breathable fabric allows for full freedom while our lining keeps that freedom together, quite literally.

Shorts Reinvented

If shorts got a rehaul in design, this it it. Our Ultra-Light Dual Spandex Shorts were designed from the bottom up. An elastic drawstring delivers a more comfortable fit around the waist, the inner lining is engineered for full range of movement, interior pockets to keep your valuables in one place and a built-in towel holder allow the full use of your hands.

Free-Flow Fabric

Experience the shorts that keep it all together.

These workout wonders were designed with a 4-way stretch spandex with second-skin technology. You're so likely to forget you're wearing them we almost called them Birthday Shorts. Smart design includes pockets in the lining that doesn't allow your valuables to fall out like normal shorts. 



Right-Fit Men's Ultra-Light Dual Spandex Short

These shorts are the best of both worlds. They're designed with a double layer that's perfect for any workout. Whether you're at the gym, on the track, or in the office, these shorts will keep you comfortable and looking good. 

Bringing Design In Function 

Back Into Fashion

Here at Athleivate we love two things, fashion and function. 

Which is why we design all of our products to 

give you athleisurewear that performs

 and looks great!